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The duration of the mineral mortgage is up to the operating license, but on the termination of the license, which is independent of the license, which is independent of the license and the owners of the licensee, is carried out in the first paragraph 33 in the first paragraph 33. The facilities, appliances, excluding the appliances, tools and materials, which are made for the maintenance of the İKSA, which are made for the preservation of the article 33. It will be. Properties of Facilities: Article 33 – termination of the operating license shall reveal the Habsa premises, Galleries and the HARBS facilities, which are made for the payday loans with no teletrack without compensation to the licensing due to the end of the finishing or abandonment of the operating license. The facility, which is excluded from 1 piagrade symmose, the vehicle, tools and material are of the licensee. If the mortgage receipt of the payee is to arrive or receive Muaccel, the general provisions may sell the Mining Business License. The buyer who wants to acquire the mine operating license is obliged to carry the sought-in mine driver’s license for the acquisition of this right. The document indicating that there is a driving license from MAPEG will suffice for it.

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